Our residents are employed by the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) system. Salary is determined by the OHSU office of Graduate Medical Education.

The salary range for 2019-2020 is:

  • PGY-1: $58,400

  • PGY-2: $61,000

  • PGY-3: $63,600

Time Off

Residents have 3 weeks of vacation per academic year, which can be taken in one week blocks of time. Due to accreditation guidelines and program requirements, there are limits to when residents may take vacation. Residents accrue 21 days of sick time annually, which is cumulative throughout the term of service.

An additional 5 days of CME time is also available during second and third years.

Uniquely, we strive to afford residents an extra 5 days off over the Christmas or New Year holiday.

The Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) are laws that protect employment status while time is taken for parental responsibilities or to care for a family member. OHSU additionally provides some paid parental leave benefits - refer to the OHSU benefits site for additional details.


Second and third year residents enjoy $1,000 per academic year to apply towards continuing medical education conference expenses, books, or other educational purposes. Registration fees associated with life support courses such as ACLS, ALSO, NRP, PALS and USMLE/COMLEX exams are covered by the program. Application for state licensure is covered.


OHSU's benefit package allows each resident the freedom to choose from a variety of medical, dental, disability, and life insurance options. Funds are provided in addition to normal salary to cover the default medical insurance option. Additional benefits currently available include Health Savings Account (if choosing a high deductible insurance option), healthcare Flexible Savings Account, and dependent care Flexible Spending Account. Residents also receive professional liability insurance, which covers all duties and acts performed within the scope of the training program.


OHSU also provides residents an opportunity to participate in a limited retirement plan on a voluntary basis. Residents can invest up to 20% of their salary or $10,000 per year, whichever is less, in tax-deferred annuities and mutual funds.


Residents are provided with lab coats, business cards, pagers, use of on-call rooms, meal coverage at the hospital cafeteria and daily lunches during noon conferences. All residents receive a new smart phone as an intern, with an unlimited cellular plan paid for by the residency. Residents can access the EMR off site or at home via Citrix.

Electronic medical resources are widely used, and we offer UpToDate (a comprehensive evidence-based clinical information resource) and MD Consult on each computer in the clinic and hospital. Through our connection with OHSU, we also offer free access to OHSU's medical library, Medline, numerous electronic journals, Cochrane Databases, Dynamed, ACP Journal Club and more. The program provides residents with an AAFP membership.

Through the OHSU Consult Service we have 24 hour access to specialist in the OHSU system without having to transfer interesting ambulatory or inpatient cases.

Parking at Sky Lakes Medical Center and Cascades East is free. This, in and of itself, can represent a substantial savings over many other settings. Our residents enjoy the same salary as residents at OHSU in Portland, but with the added benefit of a lower cost of living in the Klamath area.

Many housing opportunities exist, both to rent and to buy. Many residents end up buying homes during their residency. Most live in a family friendly neighborhood within minutes of the hospital. Some residents live "in the country" or on the lake and have commute times of 5 to 10 minutes.

Each fall, we sponsor a working retreat at a local mountain resort to learn together, build teams and allow time for strategic planning. We have many social outings including mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing, pot lucks, picnics. Most resident, faculty, recent graduates and their families participate a very active group messaging platform to coordinate planned and impromptu social events/recreation, borrow/lend tools, find pet sitters, and more.


There are many opportunities to moonlight in Klamath Falls and in the surrounding communities for residents that meet moonlighting requirements. Clinics in Klamath and frontier communities across the state have hired residents to cover weekend shifts.